PoreCleanser ™ Facial Steamer

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Why Should You Buy PoreCleanser™ Facial Steamer?

  • Releases acne-causing bacteria and cells. Opening up your pores allows the release of dead skin cells, bacteria, and other impurities that clog the pores and contribute to acne.
  • It’s cleansing. Steam opens up your pores and helps loosen any buildup of dirt for a deeper cleanse. Opening up your pores also softens blackheads, making them easier to remove.
  • Promotes circulation. The combination of warm steam and an increase in perspiration dilates your blood vessels and increases circulation. This boost of blood flow nourishes your skin and delivers oxygen. The result is a natural, healthy glow.

  • Releases trapped sebum. This naturally occurring oil is produced by your sebaceous glands to lubricate your skin and hair. When sebum gets trapped beneath your skin’s surface, it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and causes acne and blackheads.
  • It’s hydrating. Steam hydrates the skin by helping to increase oil production, naturally moisturizing the face.
  • Helps your skin better absorb skin care products. Steam increases skin’s permeability, enabling it to better absorb topicals. This means you get more bang for your buck from skin care products applied after a steam.

  • Promotes collagen and elastin. The increased blood flow experienced during a steam facial promotes collagen and elastin production. This results in firmer, younger-looking skin.
  • The feeling of warm steam on your face is relaxing. Add some soothing scents using herbs or essential oils for aromatherapy to take your steam sesh to a whole other level of calm!
  • Helps with sinus congestion. Steam can help relieve sinus congestion and headaches that often accompany it. Adding certain essential oils to your steam can boost the effect.
  • You don’t need to dish out big bucks for a steam facial at a spa to enjoy the benefits; it can be done at home using items you already have.

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I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! I am so glad I decided to buy my own at home steamer instead of making appointments for someone else to do something so simple!!!! You also get about 10 minutes of steam time, but I haven't had to use the full ten minutes. I usually end up dumping out a little water afterward. Either way at the end of the day I love this product so very much!!! I am 31 years old & the results I've gotten have made me feel even more beautiful & confident because my pores are no longer clogged.


It's actually fun to use and makes my skin feel so smooth and clean. This is without a doubt the best one on the market, my husband really researched them. Its a professional caliper product.


I haven't ever used a facial steamer, in fact I've never had a facial but I have always been super into skincare adn doing what is best for my skin. I had heard about facial steamers for years, but of course at the time they were extremely expensive and not everyone could afford to have a spa in their home. Well I am happy to say this device allows the spa experience in the comfort of your own home. It makes my skin feel so good and the facial serums and moisturizers I use after using it absorb so much better into the skin. I also purchased this device along with a pore vacum to really clean out my skin and keep it looking healthy and young for years to come.


This face steamer was simple to assemble and clear to operate right out of the box. I use it for steaming my face before and during a mud mask. I bought it when we began to remodel the kitchen. I prefer the ease and convenience of this handheld device over using a pan on the stove. I do wish it had a wider cone option to lightly steam the whole face at once.


I’ve been searching high and low for something to help open up my pores and clean my skin deep down and FINALLY this facial steamer helps me do this! First of all, set up is super easy. A cup tells you how much water to use so you don’t have to guess. Add water and turn it on. Keep a certain distance and feel your skin slowly open up. It feels so refreshing. Not only can I utilize the awesome double ended tools to remove any troubled areas, but I can then use any sort of product and know it’s soaking deep into my open pores. This literally feels like an at home facial. I was so impressed with how well this worked on my face and all the great accessories it came with. This would make a great gift and works well for both troubled skin or just wanted to add to your skin care routine. It also is beautiful and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Great price and amazing product.