PoreCleanser™ Waterproof Facial Brush

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A waterproof facial cleansing brush with five different face brush heads give you the full range of cleansing, from a gentle cleansing to vigorous deep-cleansing, experience better exfoliation for visibly brighter, more even skin tone. Suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

      Special IPX6 waterproof design is ideal for those who prefer an in-shower service. Convenient and safe to use in the shower or bath without worry. Enjoy spa-quality facial care in your own home and while you travel. 

        High and low speeds for different cleansing tasks. Low speed for sensitive skin, high for normal or abrasive skin. Specifically designed make the spin brush simpler to clear away makeup, dirt, oil and dead skin. It tackles blemishes and clogged pores in order to advance skin's elasticity and collagen production and can also helps remove blackheads and whiteheads, and effectively reaches hard to clean areas like the sides of your nose and t-zone

          Three small brushes for facial cleansing, A sponge head for makeup removal, a pumice head and polish accessory for removing calluses, and a massage brush for massage your face. 5-in-1 set provides you with different options that you can adjust any head so as to adapt to your skin needs.

          • With the PoreCleanserPro facial care system, you can have a full spa-quality skin care regimen any time you want, with hardly any effort.
          • The whole kit is small enough to take with you to the gym, to work, on vacation or business trips, so you can always be looking and feeling terrific.
          • The fact that it's battery-powered makes it even more portable, and also makes it totally safe to use in the shower or tub.
          • With the two-speed motor you can choose from gentle or vigorous, and with seven heads, you'll always have the exact right tool for every job.
          • From a gentle wash to deep pore cleansing, from exfoliation to callus removal, this kit gives you everything you need to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.
          • There's even a rolling massager head to improve blood circulation and tone facial muscles for a fresh, youthful glow.



          •  Makeup sponge for removing makeup and surface cleansing.
          •  Soft brush for gentle cleansing of sensitive areas.
          •  Exfoliating head to use with your facial cleanser to deep clean and gently exfoliate.
          •  Pumice pad for gently removing calluses from elbows and feet.
          •  Rolling massage head to increase circulation and invigorate facial muscles.
          Frequently Asked Questions:

          *Answered by real customers

          • It deep cleans, exfoliates, and massages your skin. There are different heads it comes with it. I bought one and I absolutely love it cleans my face better than just using your hand or a washcloth because the bristles can get farther into the pore. 

          • I use mine in the shower all the time. I haven’t had any problems. 

          • I use it with a cleanser to wash my face so it removes face makeup. Then I use the really soft brush with baby shampoo to wash my eyes. However, that does not always take off mascara. So if I'm wearing mascara I apply a little coconut oil to the brush with the baby shampoo and it cleans perfectly. I will tell you my ophthalmologist told me to wash my eyes with baby shampoo and circular motion for clogged ducts. This combination has worked great for me 


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