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PoreCleanser™ Vibration Facial Brush

PoreCleanser™ Vibration Facial Brush

PoreCleanser™ Vibration Facial Brush

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Got some gunk out of my nose for sure! I'm going to order the face steamer and try it again with my pores properly opened. It didn't leave any bruising at all and I'm pretty satisfied

Jenna M.

I have bad blackheads and comedones and this thing has helped tremendously. My skin hasn’t felt this smooth in 10 years. Not to mention my makeup has been smoother too 😍😍

Fiona N.

Then after a few tries and actually giving my pores time to open up fully, this little thing sucked everything right out. My nose has never looked so good! I highly recommend this vacuum, and I love all the attachments. I’m never going back to pore strips again!

Michelle W.

I absolutely love this product!I’ve done the microdermabrasion before and this just just about the same thing in the convenience of my own home! Love love it

Ondrika M.
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