PoreCleanser Pro

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Smoother, Radiant Skin In 5 Minutes! 

The PoreCleanserPro Microdermabrasion Kit is the advanced new way of getting professional Microdermabrasion treatments from the comfort of your own home. 

Designed to make you feel great! Treatments with the PoreCleanserPro Microdermabrasion Kit are gentle and rejuvenating and polish away dead skin cells, shrinken pores and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and light acne scarring.

✅ Unclogs Pores and Eliminates Blackheads

✅ Removes Dead Skin and Oils

✅ Improves Circulation

✅ Clearer Smoother Skin in Minutes

✅ Improves Skin Texture

How to use:

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Dimitri O.

The suction power is powerful! Do not under estimate the power behind this little device! There are no particular directions on how to clean the instrument but I learned that q-tips work very well (does not sanitize the device). I have done a few treatments on my face with it. Now alot of the reviews says "I dont understand the sponge (filter) part". Okay so it already comes with a sponge in the device and it comes with one "long" piece of sponge. When you are ready to change the sponge out pull off the color cap, pull off the rubber peice in the center-it looks like a top hat upside down- and remove old sponge cut a new peice to fit and place in same spot. Easy peasy! The only concern i have is the panic tops that touches your face is a little rough but if you steam your face first ots not as bad. I would not reccomend to moisturize your face before because all the machine is going to remove is that moisturizer and not the black heads. Over all great product and I would totally recommend!

PoreCleanser Pro  PoreCleanser Pro Review
Gwen T.

I absolutely love this product! I’ve done the microdermabrasion before and this just just about the same thing in the convenience of my own home! Love love it

PoreCleanser Pro  PoreCleanser Pro Review
Alden K.

I'm going to open by saying this: I think this may have been the best money I've spent in 2020 so far. I will second that statement with this: but that's because the directions are E V E R Y T H I N G! If you follow the directions to the letter, this thing can take your regimen from just 'skincare' to 'at home facial.' First of all, do NOT let the quiet nature of this little thing fool you; there is some SERIOUS suction power working in there. It's like a state of the art silent little vacuum for your face. Secondly, because of the suction power follow the directions and start on the first suction level and work your way up. For reference, I have dry skin that's somewhat sensitize/prone to sensitivity. I started out on level one, and am now up to level 3. I feel like with continued use, I will probably max out at level 4. Just a few points: -make sure that you have either steamed your face first, or used a hot towel to help open your pores -make sure your skin is clean and dry -DO NOT just set that thing on a blemish or blackhead and let it sit there for all eternity. It will look like Tinkerbell gave you a face hicky because of the aforementioned suction -remember that the results of this device are cumulative, not instantaneous. You won't walk away from your first use with skin that looks like a flawless marshmallow. It will take consistent use to see the results

PoreCleanser Pro  PoreCleanser Pro ReviewPoreCleanser Pro  PoreCleanser Pro Review
Cristobal B.

Holy cow! I have been getting schmancy facials since I was 12 (I know I am a monster) I’ve had stubborn black heads stuck on my chin and around my lips and nose that have never gone away. In 2 minutes they where gone! I also get blackheads in my ears that make wearing earrings uncomfortable. They are also pretty impossible to get on my own. Not anymore!! Also my 4 year old is prone to clogged pores but I feel weird popping her white heads since it feels a little toddlers and tiaras. This is still weird but she thinks it’s goofy and it gets her sweet little face free of pretty legit white heads. Thank you!

PoreCleanser Pro  PoreCleanser Pro ReviewPoreCleanser Pro  PoreCleanser Pro Review
Devyn C.

I waited a few weeks to review, as I wanted to give it a few tries and get the hang of it before providing feedback. This is a great pore vacuum! I was hesitant of getting one as I’ve seen some stories of people bruising themselves, but with my nose pores, I was getting desperate. The instructions recommended starting at the lowest setting, and then working up to a higher setting if needed. The first time I was a little impatient, so I was worried that the vacuum wasn’t working for me. Then after a few tries and actually giving my pores time to open up fully, this little thing ****** everything right out. My nose has never looked so good! I highly recommend this vacuum, and I love all the attachments. I’m never going back to pore strips again!

PoreCleanser Pro  PoreCleanser Pro Review